Language learning tool

I have just learned about a very interesting tool/game for learning new languages.  Here’s a synopsis, copied from a LinkedIn contact:

“Language Hunters ( is a not-for-profit organization in Portland, Oregon that utilizes a fun, collaborative and communal accelerated learning tool in the form of an interactive game, utilizing sign language, to learn and teach any language. It is proving to be very successful.”

Their introductory videos show a simple system, which includes some sign language, which can be done in groups or in pairs.  As I interpret it, this system encourages fluency and ease of speaking as well as vocabulary and grammar enrichment.  It is worth looking into if you are interested in learning a new language or are teaching a language class.

Exercise:  For people learning a new language, some of the game-like exercises introduced in the videos could be very effective.  I am not teaching an ESL class right now,  so I have not tried these exercises out in real life, but they look effective.

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