Bullying – Rutgers

Rutgers just fired its basketball coach for some pretty offensive bullying, including sexual slurs.  Rutgers buried one of its freshmen last year because his roommate was spying on him during an encounter with another man. These were examples of disregard for the welfare of the students.  I am not surprised.

I interviewed twice at Rutgers for a position teaching freshman writing (my favorite course). Both times, the interviewer told me how dumb and disinterested the students were.  The interviews were conducted in pairs, and the other person seemed as taken aback by the bitterness of the interviewer as I was.  Let’s see if I can remember the interviewer’s words more or less exactly: “The students here are some of the best in the state, and they’ve never read a book, don’t do the work assigned, aren’t interested in class, and couldn’t tell a subject from a verb.  What would you think of teaching this sort of student body?”

I answered, “I’d think that they needed me badly.”

I wasn’t hired either time.

The atmosphere were polluted with disdain and dismissal of the students, and I am glad that they didn’t hire me.

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