December, 2011

More meditation in the writing classroom

Tweet Here is another way of using meditation in the writing classroom.  Yesterday’s meditation was useful in that it provides students a break, gives them an extra tool, and allows them to access deeper levels of thinking.  Today’s exercise teaches them something else — everyone’s mind works differently.  It is common but unreasonable to imagine […]

Meditation in the writing classroom

Tweet There is no exercise that my students have enjoyed more than meditation.  They say they are under a lot of pressure, and to have a few minutes of utter quiet, with the lights low, is refreshing and calming, and gets their minds settled.  They rarely have moments to sit and think unmolested, and some […]

Linkedin’s five most overused words

Tweet Buzz words crop up in classwork all the time.  Here are five to avoid, culled from Linkedin’s research. I’ve edited, and added my own comments: ——————————- As one might expect, they’re terms that sound awfully nice but say almost nothing specific about a person. Dynamic is at No. 10. At No. 9 is communication […]