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Evolving First Names

Tweet Here are the first names of the 18 students in my fall class at Montclair State University: Carolyn, Melina, Pamela, Miguel, Nardeen, Kanequa, Julieth, Leslie, Alaysia, Carla, Milena (two Melinas!), Russell, Charles, Iyana, Kejdi, Aya, Klavdiya, Usman. I suspect that finding out the naming rituals in all of the cultures involved would require a couple of weeks of study; the “Charles,” for example, is a Charles IV. Investigating the meanings of […]

Food as a cultural marker

Tweet My friend Lillian is a Chinese-American chef who has been living in China for the past few years. She has seen more of the country than most native Chinese as she has traveled from restaurant to restaurant, market to market, farm to farm, tea plantation to tea plantation. She is planning to write a […]

Ghoti – a common English word

Tweet Obviously, the way to pronounce “gh” sounds like “f” — examples; rough, enough, tough. Obviously, the way to pronounce “o” sounds like “i” — example: women. Obviously, the way to pronounce “ti” sounds like “sh” — examples:  nation, emotion Put them all together and you have — FISH. Tracing the reasons why “ghoti” does […]

Come and get it! New Words.

Tweet The Collins Official Scrabble Words dictionary has added hundreds of new words to its list, reflecting recent developments.  They include “thang,” “innit,” “grrl,” “Wiki,” and “Myspace.” At the beginning of the school year, a burgeoning list of new words could be created, adding to it throughout the year as words like “Abbottabad,” or “The […]